Friday, November 21, 2014

Trimming the trees...

Yes, the Mong family begins their holiday decorating what some may say a bit early. We try to defend ourselves by saying we celebrate Christmas with Bryan's side over thanksgiving, so we want to be filled with the spirit of Christmas. However, to be honest....we just LOVE the holiday!

So yes, I caved! When the girls asked if we could put up the Santa tree in the basement...of course I said yes! 

When the girls asked if we could put up the tree in the dining could I say no?!?!

When Hanna asked if she could help wrap Christmas presents...who could resist that cute little face?!

And when the girls ask if we can bring out my amazing gift from them last year...

Who could resist? 😊

Thursday, November 20, 2014

You never know what you might find....

Grandma and Scotty asked if Bryan could make a small repair in their attic. Since it needed completed before winter, last weekend was perfect! We made dinner and planned an evening with them. 

Gram said, "while you are up there, can you bring down a few things?" Down came suitcases full of memories, empty boxes, and dresses under plastic. 

Of course Bryanna's eyes were bright at the thought of new dress up clothes from  Gram....but never did we dream we would find this treasure!

This beautiful velvet dress is what my Grandma wore the day she married poppy...a mere 77 years ago. 

The dress stayed with Grandma, but we did bring home a snapshot of grandma wearing the dress, with poppy and both sets if my great grandparents.

It was a great night to share in memories from grandmas past.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


We drove the girls crazy...they knew we had plans with friends. They knew we were going to Pittsburgh. But they had no clue we were going to the circus! The Mong family had never been to the circus before...but have a feeling the girls will vote to go again! Bryanna loved the trampoline show...Hanna loved the girl clowns, the elephants, and the tigers. 

A very fun day, filled with laughter and friends!

And Bryan even joined in the fun!

Mrs. Claus ladies night out...

This year some amazing friends and I decided to attend the Mrs. Claus Ladies Evening to raise money for individuals in the Knox area who suffer with cancer. It's an amazing cause, and a fun evening out! Although our table didn't win anything, we had a wonderful time!

I also personally enjoyed the atmosphere of the Wolfs Den decorated for Christmas. Bryan and I spent many hours during the holidays there, and it was nice to be back again!