Sunday, March 30, 2014

I LOVE these girls!

It's OUT!!!

The campground opens 2 weeks from tomorrow...and daddy is the hero! The batteries are back in the golf cart and we are ready for summer. We had to take it for a spin...winter coats and hats, small heater, and thank goodness for our little cover! We can't wait for summer now!!

Vacation Day...

I needed a break! I was burnt out! I needed to clean!! A 3 day weekend, with Friday to spring clean the kitchen. Cuddles from my big before school and company from my little all day. I love days at home!!

Hanna in tumbling class...

Knox fitness offers a 4 week tumbling class for little ones. Since we were excused for speech because Hanna met or exceeded all age appropriate goals, I thought she needed something. We've attended 2 of the 4 classes, and she loves it! Only downfall is she still needs a ton of practice listening!

She was so proud to go the first week...and big sister goes along!

Here she and her friends are on the exercise equipment....

And some parachute time.

Definitely an awesome learning experience for Hanna!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Can't keep these girls inside any longer!

38 degrees this morning and 52 times of answering it is too cold out to ride your scooter....I caved! We bundled up, and as the snow flakes fell...we played and played! Bike and scooter riding, rock sweeping and sidewalk chalk. All was going great until hopscotch in snow boots, and looked adorable until the very end. Poor Hanna now has a lip that hurts a "little but", but looks miserable.

Bryanna is loving the scooter Santa brought. She loves to race us, and we have her to Tim and Aub's driveway....and then we are eating her dust! One night last week she rode her scooter and I ran thru the corners. I loved having a buddy along for the ride, and she promised many more cruises this summer.

And then of course we have to race Hanna on her bike!!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Mong ladies are ready for spring!!!

Friday the sun was shining and it wasn't freezing, and so we decided to try out the scooter Santa brought bryanna for Christmas. Off we went down Tippe Road...bryanna scooting and Hanna following behind yelling "pedal pedal pedal"! Her little legs got a huge work out! Bryan and I agree we are going to be outside all summer with these two ladies. Saturday morning Hanna woke and said "I go outside and ride my bike!" Bummer....snow flakes were back in the air.