Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hanna's Baptism

We are very blessed!

Even before Hanna was born, we made plans for her baptism. 

We were very thankful that day for many reasons.  Big Sister Bryanna was to the ER the day before with a fever, and received medicine for a sinus and ear infection.  Her fever broke, and she was able to be there for her important job....when the question was asked "What name is given this child?", it was her job to say "Hanna Lynn Mong".

We were also sad that Uncle Terry, Aunt Kathie, and Grandma Mart couldn't come to PA as planned, but so very thankful that Aunt Kathie is okay! 

We were surprised that minutes before Hanna was to be baptized, she fell asleep.  She slept through the entire service!  (you can see the bink hand off behind my wasn't needed!)

We were blessed!  Within the past few years, Papa Jack (Bryan's Dad) became an ordained minister, and we knew without question, we wanted him to be a part of Hanna's baptism.  We are thankful he made the trip to PA, was part of the service, and enjoyed the weekend with two of his Grandchildren! 

Gram and Scotty were able to share the day with us!  Amazing that my girls know their Great Gram and Great Scotty!!

We were blessed by the family support that was around us....not everyone was in the picture below.  Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Bob also shared in the day with us, as well as our friends Amy & Jarrod Kapp and Michelle Hepfl.

Most of all we are blessed as a family of four!  God is GREAT!  God has blessed us beyond what we could ever imagine.

And finally, I'm blessed by a sister who has a great eye for photography!  Thanks sistar for this picture!